Winning a Lottery In 4 Steps

Everything has a pattern, even lottery numbers. Nothing is absolute random in this world!

If you think of winning a lottery, make a decision to win a jackpot. It takes the same effort to win $1,000 and $10,000,000. LazyJetCat focuses on the lotteries that pay big in Canada and the United States. provides lottery number statistics and highly optimized lottery generators for the most popular lotteries. The payouts of these lotteries mostly start with $5 million plus, and may run up to hundreds of millions. Daily Grand pays $1000 a day in life time. Our targeted lotteries are: Lotto 649, Lotto Max and Daily Grand in Canada; Powerball, and Mega Millions in the United States. Recently, due to the change in the United States, a new lottery is added, Lotto America. We have also add it to our portfolio of lottery statistics. Lotto America has a starting jackpot of $2 Million, and its winning chance is much higher than other lotteries.

Through our continued data analysis, we have exposed number patterns that outline the features of winning numbers; furthermore, we have created lucky numbers generator based on winning number patterns. It has been proven that our process works out a magic for our members. Looking into the winning number patterns, you may find that winning a lottery jackpot is far easier than you think.

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Step 1
Observe Number Statistics
Winning numbers do have pattern
High-count numbers drawn more frequently
Some numbers often appear together
Step 2
Analyze Number Counts
No-show numbers still no-show
Using top-count numbers may increase odds
Patterns repeat in cycle
Step 3
Use Generator for Numbers
Choose my number pool by my analysis
Stick on the pattern I choose
Let lottery generator do the hard work
Step 4
Win a Lottery Jackpot
Think ahead how much money I want to win
Plan ahead how I want to spend this money
Now I live happily ever after

Feedbacks From Our Members in Canada


"This system works like a bomb I got 4 + bonus on the lotto max. Im sure next time will be 6 + bonus "

Mary Lou Sonmor

"Joined, Oct. 18' Winning little amounts, $2, $10, $20, & $50 here and there, so it's enough to keep me going. So far, so good!"


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"Just paid a six month membership this evening. Generated my first set of LottoMax #'s and hit four of seven in a 50 mill jackpot, so this site is definitely worth the subscription fees, minus the 20 I won, the six month membership is about thirty dollars, not bad, and I am hoping by playing throughout my subscription duration, my sub will have paid for itself in winnings. This site is awesome so far....."

Feedbacks From Our Members in United States


"I just played my first numbers on the USA Mega. I played 10 games=$20.00 @ $2.00 per game. I won $4.00 back on the number generator. I will let you know as soon as I receive my jackpot. My numbers have been moving towards me so, my affirmations will be manifesting the abundance of wealth I AM RECEIVING. :)"


"I tested it won $2.00 better than the outher lottery system "


"This is the most effective and the best lottery system I have ever seen! In 5 number + powerball, it got me 3 good numbers in one line. Keep up the good work."

"Awesome system. Thank you for the huge winnings!!"

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