Winning a Lottery In 3 Steps provides lottery number statistics and optimized lottery generators for the most popular lotteries in Cananda and United States. Our services cover Lotto 649 and Lotto Max in Canda; Powerball, Mega Millions and Hot Lotto in the United States. With our statistics data, you may win a lottery in 3 steps. It is much easier than you think, and your winning odds are greatly increased.

Step 1
Observe Number Statistics

Winning Number Hightlight

  • Winning numbers do have pattern
  • In most draws, numbers are evenly distributed in each section: 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30 ...
  • Obviously, some numbers appear more frenquent than the others in certain period of time
  • It is very rare that three consecutive numbers stick together
  • NOT all the numbers have equal odds to be drawn
Step 2
Analyze Number Counts

Count Rank and No-Show Numbers

  • High-count numbers have much higher chance to be chosen in each draw
  • High-count numbers remain more active than low-counts in a short period of time
  • If a number has not been drawn in the past 15 or 20 draws, mostly likely, it will not appear in the next draw
  • The pattern of winning numbers slightly vary is each draw, but a cycle repeats itself
Step 3
Use Generator for Numbers

Generator Is an Effective Tool

  • Using all numbers is safe but I have lower chance to win
  • Before each draw, I study the number statistics and number counts
  • I take a snapshot of that moment regarding number information
  • I choose a criteria for my numbers and let the generator to get numbers for me.
Step 4
Win a Lottery Jackpot

Win a Lottery Jackpot

  • Think ahead of what amount of money I desire to win
  • Plan ahead on what I do with this amount of money
  • Search for investment vehicles before I see my jackpot
  • Now, I put my winning money into action, and live happily ever after

Favorite Reviews

Sasquatch    11/28/2016
Your lottery generator is the best I've come across to date. Will try and sign up for 12 months or less just as soon as I possibly can. Having full access to all the tools is best policy. Sincerely: Robert Giguere So far I've won small amounts, latest amount I won $140.00 + 2 free draws
mikhlid    10/23/2016
This is the most effective and the best lottery system I have ever seen! In 5 number + powerball, it got me 3 good numbers in one line. Keep up the good work.
namal245    5/12/2016
this is super grade website i just love it make it so easy for us to generate numbers
sbruy    2/8/2015
Just paid a six month membership this evening. Generated my first set of LottoMax #'s and hit four of seven in a 50 mill jackpot, so this site is definitely worth the subscription fees, minus the 20 I won, the six month membership is about thirty dollars, not bad, and I am hoping by playing throughout my subscription duration, my sub will have paid for itself in winnings. This site is awesome so far.....    7/5/2014
Awesome system. Thank you for the huge winnings!!

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Canada Lotteries


Latest Draw On: Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Winning Numbers: 06-07-12-32-34-46 (33)
Jackpot: $5,000,000.00
Jackpot Winner: 1
Total Winners: 731926
Est. Next Jackpot: $5 Million


Latest Draw On: Friday, December 2, 2016
Winning Numbers: 05-08-20-21-29-40-47 (7)
Jackpot: $30,178,311.00
Jackpot Winner: 0
Total Winners: 940638
Est. Next Jackpot: $50 Million
Est. Max Millions: 2

US Lotteries


Latest Draw On: Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Winning Numbers: 41-48-49-53-64 (20)
Jackpot: $67,000,000.00
Jackpot Winner: 0
Total Winners: 457072
Est. Next Jackpot: $85 Million
Est. Cash Value: $51.3 Million


Latest Draw On: Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Winning Numbers: 13-34-48-53-63 (12)
Jackpot: $3,500,000.00
Jackpot Winner: 0
Total Winners: 913556
Est. Next Jackpot: $43 Million
Est. Cash Value: $25 Million


Latest Draw On: Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Winning Numbers: 16-29-36-37-45 (19)
Jackpot: $2,400,000.00
Jackpot Winner: 0
Total Winners: 26783
Est. Next Jackpot: $2.45 Million